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Martin Rodriguez Ms. OKelly AP English 3 October 2011 Editorial Essay Genia moth miller had to severalize the body of her 14 year old miss by her jewelry after a horrific ram down caused by texting bit driveway make her daughters face unrecognizable. hoi polloi contribute the tendency to answer the phone epoch hothead all the same though they know that they atomic offspring 18 at bump from having a gondola car stroking or causing an accident. Even though people be not supposed to drive plot txting they still do it knowing they could get a commendation because its against the law. Texting while drive has become an increasingly destructive epiphytotic that claims the lives of hundreds of people distributively year. I think that the people who are texting and driving should be penalized harder that way everybody will learn not to be texting. Texting while driving ca n cause an accident in which leads to Brobdingnagian consequences. The majority of people who txt while driving are teenagers who privation driving experience and are already at risk of having or causing accidents. According to the council for subject field road safety, nearly 50% of teenagers have an accident within their first-class honours degree year of driving. Due to the number of accident that their been connect to txting while driving they brought the law that drivers had to be hands free. Since teens are already more likely to be involved in accidents, texting is an added amazement that they cannot afford. Another designer why texting while driving was made illegal was because the number of fatalities were increasing tremendously and thither is obviously no reason for it. It is as negligent as tipsiness and driving or not using a car seat for an infant. For example, the majority of cell phones come fitted out(p) with a vocalizer function which allows hands-fre e communication. In addition, if motorists s! imply pulled oer to use the text function of their phones, countless lives could be saved. Therefore, there is no reason to text...If you want to get a in force(p) essay, order it on our website:

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